Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Santa's visit to our home

Christmas Eve at MeMe's

Christmas at my mom's is always fun, a little choatic especially with 5 grandkids the age of 3 years old and younger. All of my sisters and their husbands were there with the exception of Brian who is deployed. As usual there was lots of yummy food, lots of presents and beautiful decorations. Mom always does a good spread and the decorations are beautiful. My mom's side of the family (her brother and his wife, her sister and her husband, cousin) are always there and even Thaddeus makes it over every year to see us girls. This year was a little sadder due my grandmother not being here anymore.

Queen of the Mountain

A trip to Myers Park

Family Pictures

Pictures from the local Pumpkin Patch

Just being silly

Brianna had to wear the bandaid on her upper lip for no reason that I was aware of. Just being a silly 2 year old.


This year both children were ready to go trick or treating. Brandon did not quite understand that you don't walk into homes when they would open the door. Brianna was albout the candy. She even got mad when someone did not put candy into her bucket but only in her brother's bucket. She was one upset toddler. Brianna went as a Reinassance Bride and Brandon went as Bat Man. We went trick or treating with our neighbors and their daughter Tessa.