Sunday, September 28, 2008

5 month update

Well, it's almost a full 5 months. Today was great day weather wise and the twins were in a great mood so we decided to snap some new pictures. This also turned out the be the first time we have been able to get both the twins to be somewhat cooperative at the same time.

Still daddys little girl

Brandon looking cool.

Talk about a big smile!!!

I get that same look after several drinks.

Brandon loves to play Superman.

Brandon showing his sister his kung fu moves.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Has it been long enough since I updated this? LOL! We don't have much to update on the twins other than they are growing like weeks. A recent Dr's visit showed Brianna to be slightly over 13 lbs with Brandon being just over 12 lbs. Both are now smiling regularly and Brianna has started to talk (baby talk that it). Brianna has been sleeping through the night for a good while now and we expect/hope Brandon will start to do the same pretty soon.

This past Labor Day weekend, we went to Jellystone Park for the day. It was a bit hot outside (mid 90's) and the twins were a little fussy. Was still a nice break from sitting at home as we have most of the summer with the twins being so young.