Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Since my sister is giving me hell for not using this after she set it up, I suppose I will give it a try. Time is now getting close for the twins. Since this is the first post we are making, I guess I should mention we are having one of each. That's right, one boy and one girl. Due date is June 6th, but we expect these little ones will not wait that long and decide to be May babies instead. We have names picked out, but I am going to stay hush hush on that for now and wait to make the announcement when they are born. Guen is constantly fussing about her back hurting and how she can't sleep at night. I guess that comes with having a party ball for a stomach. That's ok. I will keep giving her the support she needs. Although, I am not sure who is more ready for the babies to be born now. LOL!