Monday, March 23, 2009

Ok, maybe a few more

Random "around the house" pictures

Brandon actually fell asleep IN the jumper!

Yes, I can have a bad hair day.

Helloooooo there!

Fun at the beach

Guen took the twins to her Aunt's house down on the coast for their first trip to the beach. They had a blast even though Brianna is going through a clingy stage with Guen.

It was a long day and everyone was wiped!

St. Patty's day

Since it was Guens Spring Break and the Twins first St. Patrick's Day, they celebrated by getting dressed up and going to the park and zoo.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Just when things were going good...

So everything has been going good for a little over a month and Brandon has been staying healthy. Obviously all good things must come to an end. Both Brandon and Brianna spent this past Friday night with Mimi (Guens mom) to give us a break and so Guen could go to the Rodeo BBQ cook-off. We picked them up Saturday afternoon and noticed both felt a little warm. When we got home we checked and sure enough both were running a fever. Brandons was around 101^ and Briannas was around 100^. No big deal as neither were really cranky and still eating fine. A little baby tylenol and off to bed they went that night. We did go ahead and schedule a doctors appointment for Brandon for Monday morning just to be on the safe side. Around 1 a.m. we both got up to Brandon crying. He felt extremely warm and we were alarmed to see his temperature had spiked to 105^. So exactly 10 months from the day of his birth, he was rushed to the ER with Guen while I stayed at home with Brianna. Most tests came back negetive with only the x-ray of his chest showing his bronchitis had returned. They got back home around 4 a.m. with his fever back down to a more tolerable 99^ and poor Guen got a full 1 hour sleep before it was time to get back up for work. I stayed home with him on monday and we went in to see his normal pediatrician where blood work showed his had yet another viral infection to go along with double ear infections. Poor guy continues his crack addict routine with getting put on yet another round of antibiotics. This good thing is his fever seems to have now broke and has remained normal since Monday morning around 8 a.m. which is amazingly only 7 hours since it hit 105^.

True to form Brianna only slightly got the sickness and seemed to get over it within a day.