Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Colorado Trip Day 7


A Day of Rest! We got a pool for the kids to play in however as you can see who actually used it more. The kids loved the bubbles and just being able to run around.

Corlorado Trip -- North Pole

We had a BIG day planned for the little ones. We went to the North Pole to see Santa (which no one would sit on his lap). What a cool place for little ones even for mommies and daddies. I will let the pictures tell the story. Lots of pictures. By the end of the day each child was exhausted. Brandon even passed out the minute we put him in his car seat.

And Some Exhausted Little Ones

Colorado Trip Day 5

Our adventure for the day would be going to Denver, Co. We went to Aquarium (which is just like the one in Houston minus the tigers)and had lunch while Uncle Mike went on tours of the Treasury of Mint and a couple of museums. Hannah and I thought we would go to the children's museum however when we were looking for it we found a COOL water spot in the middle of the town. We found a place to buy some clothes that she and I could wear to swim in. Off we went. The water was COLD and had a nice current. The kids had fun and so did the adults. The place was pretty cool to have in the middle of a town.