Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Colorado Trip --The Royal Gorge

What a cool place this was. This place is a Suspension Bridge 1053 ft.over the Arkansas River. This is the same bridge we traveled under while we were Rafting. There was a bunch to see and do.
2. A small steam enigine train for everyone to ride
3. A carousel for all to enjoy
4. Cable car that goes over the river (Spooky)
5. Tram that goes down to the river
6. Sky coaster (similiar to a bungee) -- we did not do this
7. Pet zoo
8. Horse back rides for the little ones

Needless to say there was ALOT of walking up and down poor Priscilla was extremely tired afterwards. Don't worry I treated her to an ice cream at DQ. ith

Thanks to a co worker sharing this spot with me this summer.
Lots of fun for the whole family.

Colorado Trip Days 8 - 10

Thursday I stayed home with my niece and my two little ones and had some bonding time. Friday I was on my own so I took Brandon and Brianna ( by myself ) back to the zoo one more time to see the animals again. We had lots of fun until we saw the carousel. Then it was crazy. But we all survived. Best of all was mommie did not get lost in Colorado. Saturday Priscilla and I took our little ones to a place called "little biggs" fun place for the kids.
Hannah and Mike took Anders on a little vacation get away to Estes Park froom Thursday - Saturday. They had a blast. Maybe when Shane can get away we can take a trip there with the children.



Brandon, Brianna and Samantha