Tuesday, July 14, 2009

From crawling to cruising to walking

My how things have changed. We now have a full blown walker on our hands. Over this past weekend Brianna decided to completely give up crawling in favor of walking. She has been slowly working up to it feeling things out and getting her balance to where we are now. She still falls a good amount of the time, but just gets right back up to her feet and takes off again. As exciting as it is, this also creates a new headache for mommy and daddy as she is now all over the place like she is exploring new worlds. I (Daddy) decided this was the perfect time to take Brandon out of his carrying car seat and put him in a regular forward facing car seat. This means he now gets hand carried into and out of the daycare while I let Brianna walk and hold my hand. Yesterday was the first time we tried this and it was not without its excitement. I stood Brianna up next to me thinking she would stand there while I got Brandon out of the car...WRONG! As soon as I stood up and looked around, I realized she had taken off out into the middle of the parking lot checking things out. If I am not holding her hand, she just goes where ever she wants to without a care in the world. Hopefully she learns to listen to me soon (something she is good at not doing) and stays near. Especially considering our daycare shares a common parking lot with a gas station and is generally busy with traffic. I will get a pic or video up soon. Seems only yesterday she was just learning to crawl.

Friday, July 10, 2009

4th of July

This 4th of July was a pretty laid back one and we didn't really do much. It was difficult to keep Brandon and Brianna up to see some fireworks. Brianna didn't make it, but Brandon did and unfortunately didn't care for it. The loud sounds spooked him so he had to be taken in. We were still able to get a couple of good pictures early.

Brandon was blowing a kiss here.

Brandon and Brianna both got some kids lawn chairs for their b-day. Even though they are still a little to small for the chairs, Brandon wanted to try his out.

Brandon giving his best "GQ" pose.