Sunday, January 25, 2009


She growing like a weed. At her last check up which we did early due to getting another round of synagis shot she grew 2 inches. She now is 28 1/4 inches long and 17 lbs 13 oz. She is definitely taking after the Kelley family (mommy's side). She is now wearing atleast a size 6 -9 top and 9-12 pants(more on the larger side due to her long legs).

She is rolling all over the living room floor giving mommy and daddy a rough time. Brianna loves to laugh(with her sneaking laugh) when mommy tells her "no". She is making lots of sounds including dada. She gets extremely excited when the woof woof aka "Summer" comes running near her. She is finally sitting up and staying up for awhile. She is starting to pull herself up on mommy and daddy. Brianna is a little toot when it comes to Brandon. She loves taking his toys and especially his pacifier. She doesn't even use a pacifier. She loves to hit balls together and also clap her hands together. At dinner time she is still eating level 2 foods and drinking 4 (7-8 oz) bottles a day. She gets extremely cranky when she is tired but heaven forbid you just put her in her crib. She acts like it is the end of the world. When she does fall asleep she can sleep through anything. On weekends she loves to sleep in not like her brother who is an early riser. She takes after her Daddy "before babies".


After his battle with viral infections, bronchitis and pnuemonia he is finally coming back to the HAPPY little boy we love so much. He lost so much weight in the last two months. At his 9th month check up which we did 1 week and 3 days early he weighed the same he did at 7 months. He is now 14 lbs 12 oz. (Yea he gained 11 oz in one week after being in the hospital). He is still shorter than Brianna - he has grown 2 inches. He is 26 3/4 inches long. Poor baby he has been through so much in the last 2 months. Last Monday he got tested for allergies and the results came back negative. We are now being referred to an asthma/allergy specialist to figure out if he has asthma since. Another thing thing we are going to look into having him tested for is cystic fibrosis (because of how often he is sick)and Down Synrome. Guen is waiting on the referrals to go through in order to have thse test run and to see the allergists. We will keep you informed.

He is still trying to figure out how to get off of his stomach when he rolls onto to it. He gets so frustrated that he can not do something. He might not be rolling all over the floor quite yet however, he manages to get around. He is funny about taking his breathing treatments - he looks like he is smoking. We will get a picture of it soon.


TODAY daddy was feeling around in Brandon's mouth and found out the hard way that Brandon HAS a HIS FIRST TOOTH. Yea! he beat his sister on who was going to get the first tooth. He never even showed any signs of getting a new tooth.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Finally back home

It has been a long week for Guen and Brandon. After being admitted into the hospital on Wednesday, he was finally released Sunday morning. He still has a pretty nasty cough, but he is feeling much better and his appetite is slowly returning. It's good to have him back home and most importantly to see his smile return. Doctors say it could still take some time to completely get over this. He is also being refered to a asthma and alergy specialist to try to figure out exactly what is going on and if we can't keep this from happening again.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

ER Visit January 14th

Once at the ER Brandon now had a fever of 100.6 and his oxygen saturation level was in the low 90's. They took X-rays twice at two different times. The first one showed that he had Bronchilitis Pneumonia. The second one was taken later and the pneumonia was worse. The doctor on staff told us that they would admit us however, we had to wait on a room to be cleaned. Brandon recieved a breathing treatment while we waited. We actually got to see how much he needed the oxygen because he was hooked up to the oxygen saturation level while he did the breathing treatment. We were in the ER for 5 hours. We were in a sealed off room and did not have to deal with the other patients.

Doctor visit on Wed. Jan 14th

Brandon's x-rays showed that he had Bronchitis. The doctore had us treat him with breathing treatments and antibotics. On Tuesday he was still weak and not feeling up to par to go to daycare (he did not have a fever)so he stayed at Grandma Kelley's for the day. He still struggled with eating however, he managed to get in about 13 oz of food that day. Tuesday night he woke up with a frighting cough and ended up on the recliner with mommy for the rest of the night. At 2 am he was running a fever of 100.1 and moaning so we gave him some Motrin. He fell asleep and woke up again at 6 am or so with a fever of 100.6 so we gave him some Tylenol and he drank a little bit. About 7 am he fell asleep until about 11:15 am. He woke up with a fever now ranging from 101.2 to 102.6 depending on how I checked. Brianna already had an appointment to check out her cough and to figure out what was causing it that day. So I called the doctor's nurse with concern that Brandon did not seem to be doing well at all. He would not take alot of fluid and hi fever was still rising even though he was on antibotics and had already taken Tylenol and Motrin. The nurse told me to bring him in also for the doctor to look at. I was ready to check him into the hospital. I had my bag and Brandon's bag packed ready to go. Once the doctor took one look at him she said he did not look good at all and that he looked better on Monday. His oxygen level was low in the upper 80 - low 90's however it went up to 94/95. I asked the doctor when do we consider putting him into the hospital to get some fluids into his system. She said today refering to Wednesday. She listened to Brianna and looked in her ears and saw that she had an ear infection which was causing her to cough especially when she laid down. So antibotics were ordered. Off to a cousin's house while mommy took Brandon to the ER.
So off to the ER mommy and Brandon went.

Monday, January 12, 2009


As I have mentioned before, we have had sick babies. Both Brandon and Brianna got some viral infection a few days before Christmas and it's been well...hell ever since. Brianna didn't get it as severe and got over it fairly quick. She still has a slight cough and a runny nose. Brandon on the other had had it pretty good the first time around. Even after the fever went away, we have been fighting a pretty nasty cough which turned in to croup. Now this past weekend he got it all over again with his fever shooting up to as high as 104.5 degrees. Poor little man has now been to the doctor a total of 6 times over the last 3 weeks. Now he also has ear infections. Guen took him to get some chest x-rays today and we are waiting for the results. I told the wife he has turned in to our little crack head with all the medication we are having to give him. It's made for some loooong nights for Guen since the only place he seems to be able to get comfortable and sleep is with her holding him laying on the recliner. I have almost forgotten what it feels like to sleep next to her lol. We are both starting to get run down our selves and not feeling well. I scheduled a doctors appointment for myself for tomorrow. I think me and the twins keep giving this sickness back and forth. We even sent Brianna to stay with her grandma this past weekend to keep her away as much as possible since she seems to be the only some what healthy one.

I do hope the doctors are able to treat this soon. Brandon is simply miserable. Plus he is not eating well. Hasn't been since he first got sick. Combined the sickness with not eating and you can tell he is very weak. There has always been a noticeable size difference between Brandon and Brianna, but that is far more apparent now. Where he is still in 3-6 month clothing (mind you he is over 8 months now), Brianna is in 9-12 month clothing. They are even in different size diapers.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

More recent pictures

Here is some more recent pictures we have taken of the twins around the house.

This is the first actual family photo we have taken and was sent out to family in Christmas cards.