Saturday, February 13, 2010

Update on Brandon

Brnadon is now weighing 24.7 pounds. YEA!! He has gained 3 pounds in 3 months. He still struggles with eating solids unless it is Cheese Puffs, Crackers and of course Cookies. He is now drinking out of a sippy cup except for a morning bottle only. We still struggle with drinking anything else besides Milk. We even add Carnation instant breaksfast or Pedisure with his drinks in order for him to get all of the nutrients he needs. So far with the weight gain I guess it working. Feeding time is still a struggle with him. You never know if he is going to eat or not. Brandon still likes for someone to feed (Lazy) but we are trying to get him to use the spoon or fork. In time with lots of patience we will get through this. I have said one day when he is a teenager we will wish he was little again and not eating everything up in the house. Brandon has recently started to enjoy books on his own. He gets so bad at you if you are not paying attention to him when he points and says something. Brandon's vocab is coming along. He is still recieving ECI help through Oral Motor Therapy and Fine/Gross Motor Therapy. He loves to see school buses and trucks. With time he will talking up a storm.

Finally Shane got a job

Yea. Shane finally has a job after 5 months of being stay at home daddy. What a wonderful time he was able to spend with Brianna and Brandon. With a new job the kids started staying with a new lady, Ms. Rita. She is one of my friend's(twin mommy) mother so she has experience with twins. They have been there for a week now and they are enjoying their time at her home. B and B (Brianna and Brandon) even have new friends that they love playing with. Hopefully being at Rita's B and B won't get sick as often as they did with being in daycare.