Thursday, June 4, 2009

Updated from dad

This is daddy with an update.

My how things have changed. The twins are now just over 13 months old. It's amazing the progression that is happening around our house. It was only a few months ago you could lay both Brandon and Brianna on the floor, give them a toy, and they would lay there and play. Mainly because they still couldn't move around much. Well, those days are long gone. We now have two kids always on the move and getting into anything and everything they can get their hands on. Since our house is fairly small, the living room has turned into the main play area. Especially since that is one of the few areas we can contain them with gates and is child proof for the most part. The speed at which they can turn a clean room into a messy room is amazing. Give them 30 minutes and it will look like a tornado came through leaving enough toys scattered around that it is hard just to walk. We are still trying to get used to the fact we can not leave our paperwork, cell phones, purse, etc. on the tables as Brianna makes it a point to find them....even if only to pull them off the table to through on the floor. For twins, these two can not be anymore different. Their personalities are like night and day.

She is my little pumpkin and can be such a handful at times. She is no doubt the more spoiled of the two. She can throw the biggest temper tantrum if she doesn't get her way. At the same time she can be so sweet if she wants to be. For such a loud always on the go baby, she is also the shy one of the two. It can take her a good while to warm up to people she doesn't know. That doesn't change her, though, from wanting to be the center of attention. Heaven forbid you hold or play with Brandon and not show Brianna attention. She will quickly remind you how you are in the wrong. She finally broke her 3rd tooth this past week and the first in the upper part of the mouth. You can also see three more about to break the skin. This should help her eat since she refused to eat baby food and wants people food instead. She has been a little crankier recently as a result of the teething though. Her vocabulary is also quickly expanding. She now says thank you, bubbles, Dada, Mama, and her favorite, uh oh (not really a word) when she drops something. Even though she usually drops it on purpose and expects me to hand it to her. A new one this past week really made me laugh. When I am changing her diaper and she has a poopy, I will wave my hand in front of my face and say stinky. She now imitates me with the wave and says stink.

He is my little man. He has a smile that can light up a room and will bring a smile to your face no matter what mood you are in. His personality is extremely out going and doesn't care who is holding him. Because of all the illnesses he has had to deal with in his short life time, he is not near as developed as his sister. Although, he can surprise me when I least expect it. He got me good just the other day while I was home keeping them out of daycare because they had both run a slight fever the day before (we now believe it was just from teething). I was in the kitchen preparing some bottles. When I cam back into the living room, I found his sitting up. I was shocked as he has never been able to do this from his belly. I figured out he pulled him self up on a big toy we have. He is now doing this all the time. Still blows my mind these kinds of progressions/changes can literally happen over night. Obviously he will continue to make advances if we can just keep him healthy. We have ECI coming by to evaluate him later today. We expect they will approve him for physical theropy and what not which should help.

Overall Brandon and Brianna have become a full time job. One that I would gladly accept. They have become my world and I don't know what I would do without them. It's not always easy, but I can think of nothing I would rather be doing then spending time with them.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Picture day

My sister, who has become quite the photographer, came by and snapped some pictures of the twins over the weekend. They came out really nice.