Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Brianna crawling

Here is video of Brianna crawling. She still doesn't use her legs much. More so just pulling her self with her arms. Still gets around nicely though. Funny part is we have to keep her in pants or she will get carpet burns on her knees. The expression on her face when she does it is priceless. She grabs her knees with a With a perplexed look wondering why they hurt. LOL!

Random pictures

Here are some random pictures taken of the twins.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

b-day party

Recently my niece (Madison) turned 3 and we took the twins to her b-day party. Here are a couple of pictures. Overall they are both doing great. Brandon is now eating like a horse and quickly putting on all the weight he lost when he had pneumonia. He has also already cut his second tooth and looks like 2-3 more could break the skin any day. Ironically they are all on the top. Still nothing on the bottom yet. Poor Brianna isn't even showing signs of teeth. The positive about her is she has now started to crawl. She is still trying to figure it out, but deffinately making progress scooting across the floor.