Thursday, July 10, 2008

New/old pictures

Here are a couple of picture of the twins that I never got around to uploading.

Even though it was the day after they were born, this was Guens first time to hold the twins. The medicine they had Guen on was making her sick so this moment didn't get to last long before Guen had to return to her room to lay down.
Brianna was amazingly alert for only being one day old.
Brandon had to use a feeding tube for the first week while in the NICU.
This part really freeked me out. Within minutes of being born, the twins were put into my arms and the nurses told me to follow them. I had no idea where we were going till I realized we were going to show them off to the family. I was extremely nervous and was scared to death I was going to drop one of them. At this point they hadn't even been weighed or anything. They were literally only minutes old. This is both grandmothers getting to see them for the first time.
Brainna in the NICU right after getting her full check-up. Amazing how small she was. Here it is almost 10 weeks later and she has already doubled in size (literally).